How To Use Low Level Light Therapy and Intranasal Light Therapy For Athletic Performance, Cognitive Enhancement & More – Podcast

Listen to a podcast interview by Ben Greenfield on October 10, 2015 about Photobiomodulation

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Photobiomodulation (Low level light therapy) Explained in a Documentary / Webinar

Have you wished for a deeper understanding of how and why the Vielight devices work, presented in a way you won’t get bored? You don’t have to wait much longer. I will be presenting a webinar on exactly this topic scheduled at 9 pm Eastern Time, Sunday October 11, 2015 as part of the World Summit […]

“The Light That Can Eliminate Tremors and Improve Cognition”


Nan Fuchs, PhD, researches women’s health and has a large following for her newsletter (you guessed it) “Women’s Health”. After Dr Rowen’s July article, Dr Fuchs contacted me for samples of intranasal light therapy devices for her own research. She wanted to see for herself that the technology is all that has been made out […]

At last! An effective treatment for Alzheimer’s? With no side effects

(Cross-sectioned Alzheimer’s disease brain from an autopsy exhibits significant shrinkage)

After some successful cases supported by the recent excellent article by Dr Robert Rowen, I should present intranasal light therapy as a potential treatment for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s too compelling to be shy about it. For one, presently, there is no effective treatment for […]

“This Simple, Overlooked Treatment Can Reverse Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Stroke”

Dr Robert Rowen has done it again -this time skillfully describing the capability of the intranasal light therapy model specifically invented to deal with difficult neurological conditions – the Vielight 810 Infrared. It is all in his November 2013 Second Opinion newsletter.

His introduction says it succinctly, “…stroke, Alzheimer’s, depression,…etc…this near infrared red device might […]

Don’t miss the Webinar: “Under Your Nose – A New Approach to Dementia and Alzheimer’s”

There is a chance that you would have heard of Dr Garry Gordon. Thousands regularly attend his renowned webinars to hear for the first time, practical medical breakthroughs in natural healing. We are indeed privileged to announce that Dr Gordon will present what he has learned about our devices as a new approach to dementia, […]

Shocking Discovery on Intranasal Light Therapy by Doctor

In his widely followed newsletter, “Second Opinion”, Dr Robert Rowen’s most recent issue (July 2013) headlined “Shocking Discovery: How Shining a Light Up Your Nose Cures Diseases”. Those who follow my blog shouldn’t be as shocked. We have felt that it is inevitable that more independent minded practitioners are going to know us as time […]

Photobiomodulation’s secret of healing is in its effect on our genes

In principle, our body systems seek to restore homeostasis or internal balance by “detecting” dysfunction or imbalance in the systems (more accurately described as a “negative feedback” process). Photobiomodulation – the effect of light on modifying a cellular condition – is a method that facilitates this process. Recent investigations by our science advisor, Timon Liu […]

Intranasal light therapy device for brain stimulation is released

It’s finally out! The first brain stimulation and therapy device to access the brain with light in the nasal cavity. The idea about healing the brain with light is not new (one may call it with the neuro-twisting term, neurophotobiostimulation). Some important work has been done by Michael Hamblin of Harvard Medical School and other researchers […]

Overcome Insomnia and Sleep Disorder

Users our intranasal light therapy technology have been having so much success for treating sleep disorder and insomnia that it sometimes seem incredible. Whereas other chronic conditions have great success (say, about 85% for high blood pressure, 75% for high LDL cholesterol), the success rate for sleep disorder seems more like 95%.

Our followers know that […]