Nan Fuchs, PhD, researches women’s health and has a large following for her newsletter (you guessed it) “Women’s Health”. After Dr Rowen’s July article, Dr Fuchs contacted me for samples of intranasal light therapy devices for her own research. She wanted to see for herself that the technology is all that has been made out to be. The result is an article that has just been published. The full article, “The Light That can Eliminate Tremors and Improve Cognition”, can be downloaded and read here.

She has focused on the Vielight 810 Infrared, which is an intranasal light therapy device developed to restore impaired brain functions. It appears that she found that it is the only treatment that has successfully address her subject’s (called Joyce) four-year chronic tremors, fatigue and fuzzy thinking. Considering her deep and wide understanding of available natural healing modalities, it is a finding that is of value.

In the article, Dr Fuchs also shared her experience with light therapy of different types and has researched into related scientific studies.

I hope you find her article educational.