Torontonians, how many of you caught the full-page article in the Toronto Star recently? If you missed it, here is the link again – Star article on MedicLights. The other person (other than myself) in the pic is Nathan of MaRS who wrote the article about our work with HIV+ people on the MaRS blog. Seems like too much attention is given by the article on the technology’s effect on allergies. I hope readers understand that that is just one of the minor conditions that intranasal light therapy can help when the body gets stimulated to restore homeostasis. But it is a nice condition to think about with all the sneezing I hear all around me.

Hopefully, intranasal light therapy catches the attention that it deserves in time to come. Many good things are happening with the users. Just the other day, I received feedback that a high blood pressure (HBP) patient has done away with his HBP medication! There are others who have brought their BP down but they never wanted to get started with medications to begin with. It’s the first time (that I know) of someone brave enough to drop his medication altogether. It also means that he does away with the side effects of the medication and saves a ton of money.  Here’s more on how the technology works with HBP, along with supporting evidence.

Stay tuned to this blog. I’ll be talking about the new patent I’ve filed (it’s a big one), green lasers, stresses with business people, and other issues that have been posed to me that are worth sharing with others.


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