Dr Robert Rowen has done it again -this time skillfully describing the capability of the intranasal light therapy model specifically invented to deal with difficult neurological conditions – the Vielight 810 Infrared. It is all in his November 2013 Second Opinion newsletter.

His introduction says it succinctly, “…stroke, Alzheimer’s, depression,…etc…this near infrared red device might be one of the most effective treatments available for treating severe neurological illnesses. What’s more, it’s probably the most economical!”

I wouldn’t want to add anything to what’s written other than to draw your attention to the part about a real case of dementia/Alzheimer’s condition that improved significantly with the 810. Dr Gordon in his webinar (see my last blog) has talked about this case too. You can watch the webinar on this Alzheimer’s case here.

Anyone who has a family member afflicted with Alzheimer’s knows that there is no known effective medical treatment. Yes, to be able to improve an Alzheimer’s patient condition is a pretty big deal. It’s even better when there is no side effect. This case is not an isolated anomaly – there are a few more successful reports. Hopefully, we’ll see the number growing. Not too many diseases are as devastating to a family unit as Alzheimer’s.

Read Dr Rowen’s article on the intranasal light therapy device for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.